The vegetables are on their way

We had a big storm last night that had been building up all day. The sky was gray and heavy and all the trees leaves turned silver.

Around dinner the sky unleashed a down pour, followed by thunder and lightning. This is nothing, really, for summer, but it’s the first summer storm of the season and I still have to get used to their power.

Good thing is that all the storms will be helping with the garden. We didn’t plant until very late this year because of the weather conditions and the vegetables are just starting to come around now.


Our garden isn’t very big this year, just tomatoes, squashes, basil, beans, peppers and a few other things. We were going to do more but the cold spring ruined most of our plans.


The sheep bedding let compost for a while makes great fertilizer for the plants. Years ago when we had rabbits we used theirs which worked much better, but now we’ll just have to use what we have.

Well, I’ll look forward to eating those fresh vegetables from the garden that always seem to make a dish much better since you grew them yourself.

Here are some photos:SAM_0344.JPGSAM_0343.JPGSAM_0342.JPGSAM_0341.JPG


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