The Vegetables Arrived

I haven’t written in so long. Sorry about that. I had a very busy end of June and then went on vacation for the fourth of July. I hope everybody had a good time.

It was nice weather here but the water was still cold from the spring that was uncomfortably chilly.

It is gray and cloudy here today and we had some rain. Here is a photo of the farm: SAM_0372.JPG

Our garden is getting so much bigger. The zucchini plants are huge! So much larger than any I’ve ever seen before. We used the sheep’s used bedding in the soil this year and it seems to be working great, since we usually get small crops.


We have so many zucchinis and they are so big that we have been baking zucchini bread and muffins all afternoon and will be eating stuffed zucchini for dinner. Here are some photos of our first picking. I put my hand in for size comparison.


When we were done baking we ended up with two sheets of muffins and to breads and we still have three zucchinis left after dinner.SAM_0379.JPGSAM_0380.JPGSAM_0381.JPGSAM_0382.JPG

It is great that we finally can use the food from the gardens for eating our meals. We have tomatoes, peppers, squashes and more, along with snap peas that Bea picks to eat every morning.

The flowers are all out of bloom and usually thats okay because everything turns green, but this year there are so many gypsy moths that Connecticut’s trees are almost bare.

The animals are doing well and the puppy is fitting in better with the older dogs. It is her three month birthday today and I can’t believe how much it shows. She is so much bigger than when we got her.

Here is Gladys out for her morning watch:



Wilbur had been attacked by some unknown animal one night and we found him all bloody and missing almost all of his horn the next morning.

We washed him up and sprayed some fly repellent to stop the little bugs from laying eggs in his wounds. He is doing much better now and although his horn is still almost invisible, he seems back to normal.

We also had a hail storm recently. Hail storms are fairly common around here, but never have I seen balls of ice this big falling from the sky. It was very scary. Especially for the garden. But all the little plants survived and are now growing to be uncommonly oversized. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.



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