The animals


IMG_2687 Bella is a tuxedo cat born 2000. She was found at the local veterinary office in a box with her sister, Eloise. We adopted both of them while taking our other cat on an appointment and brought them home that day.

Bella has lived upstairs, away from all other pets, for eight years now and spends most of her day sleeping, playing with her scratcher toy and peeing on the floor of the guest bedroom. Once in a while she gets to go outside, which is her favorite thing to do in the entire world.



IMG_3627 Gladys is black lab/pointer/possibly beagle born 2008 and is the alpha (i’d say of the entire family). She had a rough start, being born in Tennessee and found with two litter mates on the side of a road in a box.

She was brought to foster care and named Mary Kate. My family and I found her on an online pet website and immediately fell in love. We should have known by the collection of blurry photos that was supplied how incredibly special this dog is.

There really is no way to accurately explain Gladys. She is the funniest, smartest, happiest, sneakiest, most out-spoken and human-like animal I have ever met.

Her favorite things are her bowl (which she carries for multiple hours a day, takes naps with and drops with a crash when she is hungry, which is always. )

She only chooses to come when she feels like it, although has mastered other simple tricks. She is a wild huntress known for an affection with squirrels and an ongoing rivalry with the backyard chipmunks.

She only plays with one toy, her Kong, although she cannot contain herself when it comes to a walk or a meal.

Gladys loves her house-dog amenities, such as the many pieces of furniture she has claimed, her blankets, food and so on, but she really is a wild wolf inside and spends her entire warm-weather days patrolling the farm and living outdoors.




IMG_1427 Homer is collie/lab mix born 2011. Like Gladys, Homer had a rough start, although we aren’t entirely sure what the whole story is.

We know he was born in North Carolina and assume at some point he lived with an abusive family since he is skittish and skeptical of almost all men.

He was turned to a kill shelter and was two days away from being put down when his potential was seen and he was brought up north.

I found him at our local humane society while we were making donations and immediately fell in love. Our connection was one of those who could almost hear click.

We adopted him that day, against Gladys’s liking, and Homer and I have been best friends ever since.

Despite Gladys’s plan to ignore him for the first few weeks, now they do everything together and he has completely devoted his life to her (and me, we think because I found him.)

Homer is extremely sensitive. The slightest insult towards him and he will hang his head,   tear up and mope (I’m not lying.)

He has a sensitive stomach and bad anxiety (although it has gotten better.) He was well behaved when we first got him but now is uncontrollably bad and we don’t know what to do about it. Everything he does, though, is out of the utter need to protect his family.

He likes toys and walks and cuddling, but most importantly food (besides things that are too cold) and is well known as a thief. He steals more food than he is given and has even gone to the extent of stealing out of peoples mouths.

Homer is, although sometimes aggravating, the most devoted member of the family and has saved our other animals lives multiple times.



IMG_3314 Fluffy is a sheep born 2013. He is from a farm/veterinary office a few doors down who’s property abuts ours.

We got a call saying that a lamb had been born who was rejected by his mother and needed a place to go. We took him immediately.

When we picked him up he was only a few pounds and we immediately began our work with him. He was like having a baby. Bottle feedings multiple times a day, nap times, play times, lullabies to sleep, early mornings and so on.

He loved the trampoline and his apartment that we set up on our screen porch. A few weeks later we adopted Milly to keep him company.

Fluffy is the genuinely nicest one on the property. He is friendly, kind and fun and actually comes to his name (along with two of our other sheep). Most people are taken off guard by him because he is immensely enormous, but really he wouldn’t hurt a soul and loves to gives hugs.



IMG_3331 Milly is a sheep born 2013. We adopted her because we needed somebody for Fluffy and she needed a home. Her mother had two lambs but only one of her teets was working so she couldn’t feed one. Milly was the one who got left behind.

Milly is not very friendly and can be tough, but she is the big momma of the sheep family and watches out for everyone.



IMG_4707 Hudzie is a guinea pig born 2014. I had wanted a guinea pig  most of my life and finally got old enough where I could pay for one so I did about half a year of research and narrowed it down to Hudzie.

I got her at Petsmart (after lots of obstacles along the way) and have been completely overjoyed with her ever since.

Hudzie has a huge personality and can be either very sweet or very sassy. She loves to eat and go outside and play with the dogs.



SAM_0231 Calliope is a Kitaden sheep born 2016. She also came from the farm next door that Fluffy came from.

We decided to get another sheep and called over to see if they had any that needed a home. They did, although they only had a pair that went together.

We got them that day and I spent the rest of the spring and summer as their new mommy, who they followed everywhere.

Calliope is amazingly smart and athletic. It is like nothing any sheep has ever done before. She is spunky and fun, but also very sweet and nice and loves to eat.



IMG_5131 Wilbur is a Kitaden sheep born 2016. He and Calliope came together and he has since the start been the sweetest one on the farm, although he is also somewhat slow.

He is always getting his head caught in fences, getting lost in corners of a room or trying to keep up with the rest of the sheep.

Although he may not be as smart as the rest, he is extremely handsome and has stayed as adorable as he was when he was a baby.



IMG_6466Beatrice is a Beagle born 2017. She came from an Amish dairy farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where she was bred. Her mother was the best huntress the farm had ever seen and her father was a stud.

Beatrice was picked by a man who works for my fathers business and driven here. She is extremely sweet, although mischievous and somewhat temperamental. The other dogs are having a problem accepting her, but are being chased around so much I hope one day they will give up and spend time with her.



The animals no longer on the farm


Cat was a cat who had voluntarily visited my mothers house everyday when my mother lived on Martha’s vineyard in her twenties.

My mother had fallen in love with the cat and through a series of events was told by the horrible man who she lived with that “You can have her, she’s a horrible cat.”

Turns out Cat was the farthest thing from horrible. She was the most astounding cat I have ever heard of, and more human-like than some humans themselves. The stories of Cat and my mother together are historical and sometimes unbelievable.

By the time I can remember cat she was blind and elderly, although still as spunky and amazing as she had always been.

Cat passed away at twenty something years old, peacefully in her sleep.



Eloise was a tuxedo cat and Bellas sister, who we adopted together. Eloise was the biggest cuddler in the house, although she wouldn’t let anyone pick her up until she was much older. She was afraid of everything and enjoyed sleeping.

She was the most gentle, sweet thing and I began a strong bond with her once she got older.

She got kidney failure at sixteen and we were advised to put her down. We could try fluids, although it wasn’t expected to work.

I fought hard to go for the fluids, so we learned how to inject a needle and that became one of my responsibilities.

Eloise was in the one percent category of cats whose kidney failure actually gets better on the scale.

Eloise passed away more than half a year later peacefully in her sleep.



Oscar was a huge pot-bellied pig who had lived at a school, but was sent away. He came to live with us and he and I immediately became best friends (yes, I am not kidding). It started when he was having trouble settling in and I went to lay with him in his stall and sing to him until he fell asleep. That was it, and then he loved me.

His favorite things were green grapes and oreos, although once he got older he did enjoy the hand made salads and cereal mixes we made him.

He was the nicest thing I could have asked for. He was so sweet and loving and put up with all of Gladys’s puppy stage.

He passed away peacefully at sixteen years old.



Daisy was a goat who we got at a local farm with her two sisters. She was a pygmy goat, although we don’t think we were told correctly about that. She and her sisters grew to be very large.

Daisy was the shyest of the three and spent most her time running from the dogs. She was extremely sweet and beautiful.

Daisy got sick and passed away peacefully at about nine.



Wally is a goat and Daisys sister. She is the alfa of the goats and the most outgoing. She always eats the most and is the first to do everything, but is still very friendly and kind. After Daisy passed away we thought it was best to send the other goats away incase one of them passed too and the last was left alone.

We brought them to a farm a few houses down where I work, and they were moved to the bigger sister farm in town where they are still.



Flower is a goat and Daisys sister. She is the mildest of the goats and so gentle. She lives with her sister at a farm where they get lots of attention from visitors and other animals.



Snowball was my first rabbit who we got from a lady we knew at the town Audubon Society. We adopted Snowball with her sister and spent a long time with them. She was an angora rabbit who was very sweet and funny.

We got rid of her after some time because we didn’t want to split the sisters up. I believe she is still alive now.



Iris was Snowballs sister and very difficult. She was cute and could be nice but was some of the time very aggressive and would punch.

We sent her back to where we got her with her sister and I imagine she is still alive.



Cookie and Manicotti were our first fish, who were Betas and passed away during winter when they couldn’t withstand the cold.



Einstein was a fish who had a cute bumpy cluster on his head that looked like a brain, so he was called Einstein. Passed away from age.



Gobbles was a beta fish who lived about four-five years. He was very full of personality and passed away from age.



Bubbles and Mr. Muffin were beta fish who passed away from age.



Alex was a goldfish who I won at a fair and lived for a month before passing away from age.



Emma was a beagle mix puppy who we got in the winter and arrived to us sick. After a few days we brought her to the hospital where they told us she has parvo and took her in. We spent a few day in absolute misery waiting for the phone calls to come in telling us how she was doing. From the start it looked like she was doing well, but she took a bad turn and ended up passing away a few days later at the hospital.

It was the saddest time we have had on this farm and it took us months to recover. Emma liked her toys and resting and trying new stuff.


Emma and all of our passed pets will always be missed here at the farm, but we will rest in knowing they are all in a good place and watching over us.

As for those who are still around we wish happiness, health and longevity for them all and miss them here everyday.