Fall Farm Fun


Now that it’s October (my favorite) I have some idea’s for twenty days of Fall fun.



Take a hike. Get out into the woods and enjoy the fall before it’s over. It’s the perfect time to take advantage. Not too hot, not too cold.


Visit a farm or cider mill. Go and get your yearly supply of pumpkins, mums, guards and cider before it’s too late!


Decorate for Halloween. You can’t get into the spirit if you don’t.


Paint pumpkins. The biggest new thing is to buy pumpkins and paint them. Look in any magazine or website that might have ideas!


Photo shoot. There’s no better time on a farm to take a photo shoot. Get your yearly photos done outside this time.


Watch Hallmark Channel. I would suggest doing this way more than once, but I swear the fall movies will put you in the mood.


Go to a corn maze. Whether you like them easy in and out or all night long, a corn maze is a must.


Make wreaths. Get to the craft store and fill up on spooky supplies to make your wreaths.


Take a baking day. From broom cookies, to spider cupcakes, from apple pie to caramel apples, fall is the best time to try out your baking skills.


Go apple picking. Don’t buy your apples at a store. It is way more seasonal to do it yourself.


Make your costume. Whether your trick or treating, going to a party, or giving out candy, a homemade costume will always be terrifying.


Watch horror movies. Try as scary as you can take it.


Make hot cider and start The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It’s traditional, relaxing, yet spooky.


Go horse back riding. Whether you go in the fields or in the woods, horse back riding is a perfect day to enjoy fall outside.


Plan on going to a festival. Look around for the best fairs in your area and go check them out.


Go pumpkin picking. Make sure you get out in the fields and get your own pumpkin this year.


Carve your pumpkin. Make it scary or funny or whatever you want.


Read Halloween picture books. It doesn’t matter how old you are!


Watch Hocus Pocus. It is not an option to skip this classic.


Halloween! Enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in this year. Just remember, you’re never too old to trick or treat!




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