Mid summer

I have been spending lots of time weeding lately. They are overtaking the yard. The garden is not letting them win, though. SAM_0284.JPG

Here is a picture of the fields before the sun came.

The garden this year is absolutely enormous. One of the zucchini plants is almost as tall as I am. As for the amount of produce, it is so many we dont have any place for them. We have started giving them to neighbors and guests and anyone we can.SAM_0376.JPG

SAM_0373.JPGSAM_0375.JPGThe size of the zucchinis is even better. They are still as big as most of my arm.

It has been incredibly hot here lately and I feel bad for the sheep. Our sheerer still hasn’t been able to come.SAM_0305.JPG

Here is our oldest girl.


Here is the flower garden, after the flowers bloomed. We only have a few with petals now.

We have been making some great recipes with all the food from the garden. I might post some another day.

I am already giddy about fall coming. I can’t wait for the pumpkins and apples and such. It is such a great time of year.

The town looks beautiful right now. All the houses on main street are set on bright green yards covered with plants and sun. So many people are out walking, more than usual.

Not much has been happening on the farm. Just checking in.

Have a nice evening!



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