Fathers Day

Good morning and happy Fathers Day! It’s raining today and somewhat cold for June, although with the weather we’ve had all spring I’m not surprised.

We’re serving waffles for nine family members in a little while and I’m thinking how nice it would be if we could put some fresh berries from our garden on top. Unfortunately we don’t have any edibles yet.

The veggies are growing fast, though I think we have a bunny who is eating here breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The birds have been spending a lot of time in the garden, also, but they’re mostly after the worms.

Homer is doing a bit better with Beatrice, who seems to be bored with all the gray weather and the fact that the excitement of everything new is over.


The sheep will be getting hot soon, and we need to call the sheerer. I have been wanting to learn how but haven’t found the time. Our sheerer is so nice and talented, anyway, that we like having him around.

Problem is that he is so busy during this time of year, because of the other sheep that need sheering and haying season, that we don’t tend to get him over here until the scorching hot summer and the sheep are already upset.

For Wilbur and Calliope (the Kitadens) this will be their first sheer yet. They don’t have wool like most other sheep, since their breed is a meat breed and isn’t used for wool. But we don’t kill our animals, so we’re just going to try and get use out of the wool.

Okay, just an update. Hope Fathers Day is good!


Here are some photos of the past sheering days-



2 thoughts on “Fathers Day

  1. Many years ago my husband and I travelled around Australia in a campervan with out two kids aged 2 and 4. We stopped in to see the Uncle of a friend who was the manager of a 3 million acre sheep station with 10,000 sheep. It was right in the middle of Australia and in the middle of nowhere. We arrived for the shearing and a team of Maoris from New Zealand were there to do the shearing. It was an absolutely incredible experience. You shearing photos reminded me of it. Thank you!


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